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Other Services

Help take the burden from your loved ones by making your end-of-life decisions in advance.
It is much easier for a couple to make the cemetery, funeral, and memorial decisions together than for one spouse to make all of those decisions after the other has passed away.

We offer other services you may find helpful or necessary.


  • Cutting of final date of death. When a 'double' marker (a marker with two or more names) is purchased it may be necessary to inscribe the final date of death for one of the spouses. I contract with a professional that will add the final date of death to granite or marble markers anywhere in the Lower Peninsula and in much of the Upper Peninsula.


  • Bronze plaques or bronze ribbons. We supply bronze plaques for cemetery memorials, commemorative plates for parks and bronze ribbons which are used to add the final date of death to a bronze memorial.


  • Cement foundations for new or existing memorials. Most cemeteries require a cement foundation under each granite, marble or bronze memorial. We can have a foundation installed for you for a new memorial or we can replace a deteriorating or missing foundation under an existing memorial. Contact us for pricing.


  • Marker cleaning. All memorials may get grungy or dirty when placed in certain conditions such as under a spruce, fir or pine tree. Some birch trees will 'weep' a sap-like substance that will cause a new marker to look old in a few years. We will clean those memorials to as near new condition as possible. Each marker will be examined for size and condition before a quote is given.

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